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August 20 2018


Illicit drug use is higher during celebratory events, may be worse than previously thought

America's drug problem may be even worse than officials realize. And illicit drugs are consumed at a higher rate during celebratory events. Those are just two of the conclusions scientists have drawn from recent studies of drug residues in sewage.

August 16 2018


Eating white button mushrooms could improve regulation of glucose in the liver

Eating white button mushrooms can create subtle shifts in the microbial community in the gut, which could improve the regulation of glucose in the liver, according to a team of researchers.

August 14 2018


A class of proteins shown to be effective in reducing drug-seeking behaviors

A class of proteins that has generated significant interest for its potential to treat diseases, has for the first time, been shown to be effective in reducing relapse, or drug-seeking behaviors, in a preclinical study.

Researchers discover new approach to alleviate chronic itch

Two receptors in the spinal cord and the right experimental drug: Researchers at the University of Zurich have discovered a new approach that suppresses itch.

August 09 2018


Study: Exercise can help prevent relapses into cocaine addiction

Exercise can help prevent relapses into cocaine addiction, according to new research led by the University at Buffalo's Panayotis (Peter) Thanos, PhD.

FDA flags risks linked to improper use of ROM tests

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today alerted women and their doctors about serious adverse events related to the improper use of tests intended as an aid in detecting if a pregnant woman's water has broken (also known as a rupture of the membranes containing amniotic fluid).

August 02 2018


Mushrooms from the Far East area could be used to design novel anti-cancer drugs

Mushrooms from the Far East area contain the natural chemical compounds, which could be used for the design of the novel drugs with highly specific anti-tumor activities and low-toxicity.

How rival opioid makers sought to cash in on alarm over oxycontin’s dangers

As Purdue Pharma faced mounting criticism over deaths linked to OxyContin, rival drugmakers saw a chance to boost sales by stepping up marketing of similarly dangerous painkillers, such as fentanyl, morphine and methadone, Purdue internal documents reveal.

July 31 2018


MedTest Dx reveal two new clinical analyzers

MedTest Dx recently announced the introduction of its BA-800M Clinical Analyzer and BC-5390 5-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer.

July 24 2018


So called "safe" food additives may not be so says AAP policy statement

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a new policy statement in the journal Pediatrics. Their statement says that at present there is little information regarding the cognitive and physiological effects of food additives and more information needs to be obtained.

July 23 2018


Study finds new enzyme that lays foundations for allergic immune response

While in search of the causes of allergies and asthma, a chance discovery has yielded new clues: researchers led by Dr Marcus Peters have ascertained that the enzyme guanylate cyclase in cells lays the foundations for the type of immune response.

Key questions to consider for sustainable management of environmental risks in Europe

What are the most aggressive chemical products for the environment? What areas of the planet have more pollutants? Can we detect toxic products which are hard to identify? How can we protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems better?

July 20 2018


PureTech Health collaborates with Roche to advance oral administration of antisense oligonucleotides

PureTech Health plc, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines focused on the Brain-Immune-Gut Axis, today announced that it has entered into a multiyear collaboration with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd and Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., to advance PureTech's milk-derived exosome platform technology for the oral administration of Roche's antisense oligonucleotide platform.

July 19 2018


Study evaluates Neoteryx’s VAMS technology for monitoring HbA1c levels of diabetic children

Neoteryx LLC today announced research recently published in the official peer-reviewed scientific journal of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.

Scientists study adverse effects of carbon, silicon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers

Nanoparticles with a wide range of applying, including medicine, damage cells of microalgae Heterosigma akashivo badly. This algae species is widely spread in the Russian Far East marine area. The acute toxic effect exhibited at concentrations of 100 mg/l of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanotubes in the sea- or fresh water.

July 12 2018


Study suggests database analysis better predicts toxicity of chemicals than animal testing

Advanced algorithms working from large chemical databases can predict a new chemical's toxicity better than standard animal tests, suggests a study led by scientists at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

June 30 2018


New therapeutic may help drug addicts avoid future drug use

A new therapeutic may help reverse chemical imbalances made to the brain by habitual drug use and could one day help recovering drug addicts avoid future drug use.

NMR technique reveals the cause of synergistic toxicity in nanomaterials

A new study finds reason for caution - a clear emergence of toxicity -- in nanomaterial product formulations, but it also provides an early testing technique that could help the industry continue to move forward.

June 27 2018


Study: 70,000 opioid-related deaths not reported owing to incomplete death certificates

Several states are likely dramatically underestimating the effect of opioid-related deaths because of incomplete death certificate reporting, with Pennsylvania leading the pack, according to a new analysis by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

June 21 2018


Study finds possible link between Type 2 diabetes and common white pigment

In a pilot study by a team of researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, crystalline particles of titanium dioxide -- the most common white pigment in everyday products ranging from paint to candies -- were found in pancreas specimens with Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that exposure to the white pigment is associated with the disease.
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